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Check out Whitman, Alabama

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If you love Walt Whitman, Alabama, poetry, filmmaking, or the American South, you have to check out Jennifer Chang Crandall's awesome new work Whitman, Alabama.

I worked with Jenn on a project when we were at the Washington Post together, and we've been good friends ever since. I had a very tiny part in helping her cross the finish line on this Whitman project, and I'm grateful for the experience of working with her again, even if it was only as a sounding board or in a phone-a-technical-friend capacity.

There is tremendous story telling and video work on this site. Just take 3 minutes and read and watch some of the work on the site, and I bet you'll look up 30 minutes or an hour later and be longing for more. It's that good!

Check out the latest featured video below:

Vlogging has slowed, but is not forgotten

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I went on a vlogging tear as last year ended and this one began. Then I realized I couldn’t keep it up and needed a break. That’s why it’s been awhile since I posted a video.

I’m not giving up on vlogging, though. I still enjoy it very much. I’m just going to take my time getting videos live. Shooting videos is cake. Editing them, not so much. I’m not sure if I can call it vlogging anymore, if I don’t do it everyday, but the format will be the same – me with camera, capturing normal life stuff happening around me. I think I might mix in a bit more gaming now, but we’ll see.

So look for a video or two in the next few days, and then I’ll try to capture some stuff from the business travel I have coming up. Until then… Cheers!

vimeo: Y'all heard of this guy Joss Whedon? He did Buffy? And Firefly? Also The Avengers? And Toy Story? (Seriously, he co-wrote Toy...

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Y’all heard of this guy Joss Whedon? He did Buffy? And Firefly? Also The Avengers? And Toy Story? (Seriously, he co-wrote Toy Story.)

Well, Bellwether Pictures and Mr. W. just released a cool new movie called In Your Eyes. It has a supernatural boy-meets-girl vibe and you can see it RIGHT NOW for a measly $5  powered by Vimeo On Demand.

So prepare your eyeballs! And watch it now!

Oh, hmmmmmm, must go check this out. Pretty cool to see Vimeo doing VOD, too.