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Check out Whitman, Alabama

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If you love Walt Whitman, Alabama, poetry, filmmaking, or the American South, you have to check out Jennifer Chang Crandall's awesome new work Whitman, Alabama.

I worked with Jenn on a project when we were at the Washington Post together, and we've been good friends ever since. I had a very tiny part in helping her cross the finish line on this Whitman project, and I'm grateful for the experience of working with her again, even if it was only as a sounding board or in a phone-a-technical-friend capacity.

There is tremendous story telling and video work on this site. Just take 3 minutes and read and watch some of the work on the site, and I bet you'll look up 30 minutes or an hour later and be longing for more. It's that good!

Check out the latest featured video below:

The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014

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The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014

This year new digital tools and networks seemed to influence every aspect of the storytelling process. From sensors to structured journalism, crowdsourcing to podcasting, new modes of journalism that have been emerging over the last decade took huge strides forward this year.

This is a great list, with an interesting read of current online storytelling techniques. It also reminds me I need to take in Serial.

Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment: A New Syllabus

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Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment: A New Syllabus

We now live in a moment where every story, image, brand, and relationship plays itself out across the maximum number of media platforms, shaped top down by decisions made in corporate boardrooms and bottom up by decisions made in teenagers' bedrooms.

Given the above statement, how pervasive transmedia storytelling is, it’s great to see Henry Jenkins and others doing such great scholarship on the subject.