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X-MEN GOLD #7 Thoughts

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If you’ve been looking for a chance to check out new X-Men titles, X-MEN GOLD #7 is a great chance to dip in and check out what’s going on with the X-Men’s Gold team.

If you don’t know the difference, the X-Men are currently split into Blue and Gold teams. The Blue team is the original X-Men transported from the past into our day, and the Gold team is more or less the classic 80s/90s X-Men team, now led by Kitty Pride.

Issue #7 is both a great stand-alone book and a SECRET EMPIRE tie-in. SECRET EMPIRE provides the context for the story – the city is trapped in Baron Mordo’s Darkforce bubble (see recent issues of DOCTOR STRANGE) – and now the city and the X-Mansion are under siege.

The story is well told. There is a lot going on with a lot of characters used across a handful of plot points. The book doesn’t feel crowded, though, and somehow still packs in a lot of action. You’ll feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth when you’re done.

The art, as always, is fantastic. You can checkout a few pages from X-MEN GOLD #7 over on Previews World.

X-MEN GOLD #7 is written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Ken Lashley.

'No Man's Sky' Shows What Algorithms Can And Can't Do

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'No Man's Sky' Shows What Algorithms Can And Can't Do

All the shallow gameplay that exists right now, all those seconds spent drilling into giant rocks with lasers and not having enough room to carry things, wouldn't even matter if I had a companion to do it with.

Best review ever of No Man's Sky. There has been no indication from Hello Games about whether they will pursue this, but I agree, user interaction and content is all this game needs to be truly great.