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The Perils Of Time Tracking | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

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The Perils Of Time Tracking | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

I used to be a GTD zealot. And then I realized I was spending more time tracking and organizing my time than actually, you know, doing something with my time.

I've now come to believe that if you need to spend too much time organizing your life you are either a) OCD and need genuine professional help or b) being asked to do too much. "b" is far and away the most common problem among thought workers.

Quit trying to do too much. You'll need less productivity tools and enjoy your life more.

Don't Be a (Work) Hero

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Don't Be a (Work) Hero

I love this statement:

[…] I value the process of what we're doing as a company higher than the perceived short term gains of productivity of any one individual.

The work hero reminds of the hero coder. Lots of tech companies want to hire the hero coder. We’ve had a few at other places I’ve worked, and ultimately, they’re bad for everyone – themselves, their co-workers, and the company itself.

I’d much rather have people who care about the process of getting work done while also having full lives outside of work. Your product will definitely be better for it.