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Fascinating podcast on immigration from NY Times

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I've already mentioned how much I love Overcast while writing about the Overcast 3.0 redesign. I turned ads back on even though I'm a subscriber because I wanted to check out the new podcast ad system Marco Arment created. In the process I discovered The Daily from The New York Times. This morning I listened to one of the most compelling podcasts on immigration I've ever heard.

The podcast begins with a gripping story about a man in Southern Illinois who gets taken by ICE agents, much to the dismay of locals who love and respect him. There is also an account of recent changes in immigration policy from the perspective of ICE agents. Really, fascinating stuff that accounts for both sides of this issue.

If you only listen to one podcast today, take 20 minutes and check out:

The Daily: Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

Overcast's app-design fashion

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Marco Arment's post on Overcast 3's new design is a fascinating read. My favorite line from the piece:

App-design fashion doesn’t stand still

I was also surprised to learn that so few people know how to delete podcast episodes. One of the biggest selling points of Overcast, for me, is how easy it is to scan and delete episodes. I agree, though, that the new version makes this better.

Overcast is the best podcast app on iOS, hands down. Get it if you don't already use it. And this post is a great behind-the-scenes read on the design of the latest version.

Via Daring Fireball.