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A Weekend With The PS4

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A Weekend With The PS4

This is a good weekend review of the PS4, and having spent all of my weekend with the machine, I think this is pretty spot on to how I feel about it.

I really do like the PS4. I was fortunate not to have any technical issues with it, as that would have surely soured my mood, but as it stands, I've had a blast with the system this weekend, even if I was playing games I wasn't very excited about going in. I wouldn't say the system is a "must have" with the current game line-up, but in a year's time it almost certainly will be.

I know I bought my PS4 for the promise more than for the moment, though I’ve been having a surprisingly deep amount of fun, especially in Assassin’s Creed IV. I also wanted the machine for the improved DC Universe Online performance, and that hasn’t disappointed, though DCUO looks dated by comparison to the other games.

All in all, the games are good, and I can’t wait to see what this machine is offering 6 months to a year from now.

Analyst: Console base has 'peaked,' won't get bigger; PS4 to outsell Xbox One

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Analyst: Console base has ‘peaked,’ won’t get bigger; PS4 to outsell Xbox One

I always question these sorts of analytics, not because there isn’t some measure of truth to them, but because the logic seems so flawed. Mobile gaming does outpace console gaming in both number of users and growth. It doesn’t follow, though, that console gaming’s user base will no longer grow. You could argue Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have a ripe audience of would-be console gamers if they could figure out how to convert them.

Also, people have been decrying this end of consoles era for 20 years now. I’m not sure I buy in. It’s more reasonable to me to think of consoles as a slow growth market. PS4 will likely sell 1 million units in it’s launch window, but could grow to 80-100M units over it’s lifespan. iPhone 5S, by comparison, sold 9M in it’s launch window and has a shorter lifespan. You can make comparisons with game consoles and mobile devices, but it really is apples and oranges in many ways.