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Currently watching X-Men Last Stand...

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It’s on a cable channel while I’m eating lunch, and I’m struck by how terrible most of it is. Except that last fight scene. That one scene is pretty epic.

I guess all the money went into that scene, and that’s why they couldn’t afford Angel a realistic looking set of wings.

Saw X-Men: Days of Future Past Yesterday

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I had a rare chance to get out to the movies yesterday, and, of course, I went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. I loved this film. I think it’s the Avengers of X-Men films and would highly recommend it.

I was particularly struck by how well the film managed all the time travel, epic world changing plot stuff, while also keeping the story very human for all the major characters. Each major character has a story arc that is relatable and moving. It was impressive to me as a narrative, beyond my own love for the X-Men franchise.

The Digital Recession

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The Digital Recession

I turned to inspect the audience because I wondered, as I do still, to whom he was speaking? How could it ever be good for artisans that everyone can make art?

Really nice essay on what the future might look like for artists in a world were art is completely free to produce and consume. All good stuff. Except that bit about needing “unique media encryption.” If that were possible, wouldn’t it already exist?