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Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment: A New Syllabus

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Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment: A New Syllabus

We now live in a moment where every story, image, brand, and relationship plays itself out across the maximum number of media platforms, shaped top down by decisions made in corporate boardrooms and bottom up by decisions made in teenagers' bedrooms.

Given the above statement, how pervasive transmedia storytelling is, it’s great to see Henry Jenkins and others doing such great scholarship on the subject.

As the School Year Begins

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I went to my children’s school last night for orientation as the school year begins. I love their school – good teachers, good people, trying hard to make a difference in these kids lives. Most of us in this small town I call home grew up here, so naturally we all know each other.

I was a teacher once. I made it one year as a high school English teacher. It’s a hard business to be in, and not for the reasons most people think. If you like teaching, the kids are really the least of your worries. The hard part, for me anyway, was all the bureaucracy, the rules, the constraints on what you teach and how you teach it.

It’s hard work, and all the standard complaints hold – teachers don’t get paid what they’re worth, they’re under-appreciated, etc. I couldn’t do it, and I’m a pretty smart and resourceful guy. I’m glad there are others who have stuck it out. It really is a higher calling.

Can An Ipad App Help Solve The Literacy Problem?

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Can An Ipad App Help Solve The Literacy Problem?

Looks interesting. I wonder if it will be good for my 6 year old (going into first grade), who already has basic literacy down but still struggles with reading when playing with apps?

The Decline and Fall of the English Major

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The Decline and Fall of the English Major

My English degree is something I take considerable pride in, even as my career has been built in technology. This article calls it a gift, and I agree: “That gift is clear thinking, clear writing and a lifelong engagement with literature.” Also, this gift helps in “developing a rational grace and energy in your conversation with the world around you.” It’s this part that has served me well in life and work.