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Overcast's app-design fashion

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Marco Arment's post on Overcast 3's new design is a fascinating read. My favorite line from the piece:

App-design fashion doesn’t stand still

I was also surprised to learn that so few people know how to delete podcast episodes. One of the biggest selling points of Overcast, for me, is how easy it is to scan and delete episodes. I agree, though, that the new version makes this better.

Overcast is the best podcast app on iOS, hands down. Get it if you don't already use it. And this post is a great behind-the-scenes read on the design of the latest version.

Via Daring Fireball.

Daring Fireball: Design as Branding

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Daring Fireball: Design as Branding

I love Gruber’s take here, as he rebuts Manjoo’s belief that Apple design has gone stale. It’s actually shocking to me how many people mistake design as aesthetics only, rather than a combination of look, feel, and function. This is, perhaps, a good indicator for why so much much tech – software and hardware combined – is so often ridiculously clunky and unfriendly to everyday users.

And for reals, how can you not look at that jet black iPhone 7 and see a strikingly beautiful phone?