Even if you’re not a comics fan, I bet you’ve heard the news. Batman asked Catwoman to marrying him! Batman #50, the wedding issue, releases in comic shops this Wednesday, July 4, a full year after Batman asked Catwoman to marry him in issue #24. I started Mix it Up! Comics a year ago, and the first Batman comic to arrive in our shop was Batman #24. I feel a deep connection to this story both as a Batman fan and as a comic shop owner.

Today, DC Comics in an inexplicable move, partnered with the NY Times to completely spoil the story before it is released on Wednesday. I’m not linking to the NY Times article just in case someone were to accidentally follow it. Yes, even the title of the article spoils the story.

Naturally, fans are upset. Comic shop owners are upset. Random people on the Interwebs are upset. It just seems like a horrible thing to do to most anyone you ask.

I won’t comment here on the spoilers themselves. There’s not much I can say without risking spoiling the story, too. I’ll just say this — please, go read the story for yourself. Stories are more than their plot points. Sure, plot is the spine on which the story is built, but there’s so much more — character, tone, theme, and in the case of comics, art. There are some amazing artists that have contributed to Batman #50. Go take it all in for yourself. I know I am. I’ve waited a year for this, and I’m not going to let the spoilers get in my way.