Republican debate: What Marco Rubio got wrong about what makes America special - The Washington Post

Look, I don’t yet know Rubio’s politics or what kind of person he is, but this article is taking him to task unfairly, IMHO. The article wants to double down on the inequality between rich and poor, which is of course very real in America, but Rubio was not disputing that point. In fact, Rubio was describing how success doesn’t necessarily equate to being rich, which I think is a good point.

It’s fair to take Republicans to task for not wanting to share wealth and even actively working against fair economic policy. I think it’s equally worth criticizing how much the Democrats want to hold up “rich” as the standard to which all Americans should aspire. There’s a lot of space between poverty and millionaire. I wish we’d start focusing on the middle more than the extremes, and I think that’s what Rubio was trying to do.