I am a programmer, writer, and comics shop owner.

Professionally, I work as a Senior Principal Software Engineer for Dell EMC. This site is my personal site, and the opinions here are my own. Previously, I worked for Storybird, Canonical, The Washington Post, and a few other places in media or education. As a developer, I'm into distributed systems, scale and performance, DevOps, elegant user interfaces, and great engineering practices.

There have been a few constants in my life beyond my professional interests, notably comics, writing, and education. Comic books were a gateway drug to reading, which lead me to a university degree in English Literature. Though I somehow found my way to software, my love for great writing and education has remained.

I work remotely from a small town near Auburn, AL where I live with my wife and two daughters. I also own a comics shop as a side business in the same town. The shop is called Mix it Up! Comics.

My writing here is all over the place, spanning software, technology, the arts, and the comics business.

You can find me elsewhere on the web as: