2017 in the books. Here's to 2018!

First, let's be real... I need to get better about writing here more. I'm not going to call it a 2018 resolution, but I do want to do more on my personal site. So here's to the first post of 2018, and hopefully more to come! Cheers!

2017 is all wrapped up, and has been for a few days as I'm writing this. 2017 was really a nice year for me. Most notable is that I opened a comic shop within my wife's local business in Dadeville. Mix it Up! Comics has done well for us, and it has helped bring some real satisfaction to my regular work as a programmer. I find joy in just coding now and enjoy "work" as well, just work. The comics shop is not just a passion and hobby,; it's also a viable addition to our small-town business.

Later this week I'll write up a bit on what sales look like for us. I've seen some other retailers doing that, and I find it fascinating. I think others might find our sales telling too, as a brand new shop servicing a small town comics audience.

Until then!